The Stand Out

So……I’m still on my journey to becoming a known unknown rap artist. The problem I’m facing today is, I know I have what it takes to make it but YOU don’t.”Too many emcees not enough mics.” This is the problem I am running into. As I search the web I see that everyone is rapping and majority of these so-called artists need to destroy their voice box immediately!!! Ok ,that was harsh but you get the point. Think about it when your on a social networking site(MySpace,Facebook, or Twitter) how often do you receive messages from people stating that they rap? Quite often. Now be honest, do you ever listen to their music? Do you ever refer friends to their page? Would you purchase their cd’s?If you answered NO to all 3 of these questions it doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means that to you these artists aren’t standing out from the crowd. And belive me, “the crowd” is massive!!! So with that being said, in order to become a known unknown rap artist I have to be the 1 Stand Out amidst 1 million copy cat dick riders because I want you to pay attention to my music.Fortunately, GOD created me to be different so standing out is not too hard. I’ll end on this note, THE STAND OUT gets THE MIC & the person with THE MIC reaches THE PEOPLE.  i NEED YOUR OPINION. Checkout a few songs I’ve made & let me know if they Stand Out!/sincerethetruth. GOD BLESS