1:54 AM

“While all my closest friends out partying I’m just up making all the music that they party to.” – Drake

That line is one of the realest in music history!! It’s Saturday morning & there are countless things I can be doing but, if I’m gone be the artist I’m hustlin to be I need to be focused. TRUE LIES has been out for a week now & we’ve been getting great support from everyone!!!! Thank you!!!If you ain’t heard it (or of it LOL) check out the website: http://livesessionz.comBack to the show, so the team is feeling good about the project but now it’s time to step it up. We need promotion, shows, spins from DJ’s & radio love if we’re going to advance. It is officially grindtime. That means no PS3, no clubs, no sleep just 100% focus. On a side note I feel it’s important to let everybody know that TRUE LIES is a free download album. I’m in this because I love music & that is too important to forget. With that being said I want to thank EVERYONE who has supported myself “Sincere The Truth” & Live Sessionz Ent. The Love is what’s keeping us going and I remember that as I look at the time because it’s 1:54am. I could be doing anything in the world right now but I’m here writing music for the love of it & that’s all that matters. If you love HIP HOP holla at me!!!!